How we know it works: aptitude test validation

All Walden aptitude tests undergo a rigorous validation procedure to ensure that the test relates directly to the requirements of the specific job and to the particular candidate’s likelihood of success once on the job.

Test validation also demonstrates that the given test is job-related, fair to the applicant and measures the abilities it is intended to measure.

There are three types of validation approved by the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC):

Content Validation – establishes that the test applies to the specific requirements of each job. The content of the job is analyzed, matched and compared, function by function, with the abilities that the test measures.

Concurrent Validation – tests individuals currently in the specific position, and then statistically compares their test results with their actual performance on the job.

Predictive Validation – tests individuals when they are hired, and then statistically compares the test results, to on-the-job performance after a period of time has elapsed.

A successful comparison or correlation suggests that the test is predictive of on-the-job success. To ensure reliability, a number of individuals must be utilized in the study.

A suggested scenario would be to test all applicants as they are hired without considering the initial test results as part of the selection process. At the end of pre-determined period, a comparison would be made between the test results and on-the-job performance criteria to evaluate the accuracy of the test.

Our “Fast-Track” Validation Service enables clients who wish to validate a test before using it. This allows you to begin testing within five days. Please call 1-800-361-4908 for more information.